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Implementing FIM 2010 Certificate Management (Part 3)

February 3, 2011

This is the third installment in a four part series showing how to implement FIM 2010 Certificate Management solution. You can watch the first part of this series by going to the “Implementing FIM 2010 Certificate Management (Part 1)” and the second part at “Implementing FIM 2010 Certificate Management (Part 2)”. If you wonder what is the final result of this specific implementation then please watch demonstration showing how to do manual certificate enrollment via FIM 2010 CM.

Todays demonstration covers the following tasks:

  • Installation of FIM 2010 CM CA modules on the Issuing CA
  • Configuration of Exit Module
  • Check that CA is registered in SQL
  • Configuration of FIM 2010 CM Policy Module with CLM Agent Thumbprint
  • Enable Constrained Delegation for the FIM 2010 CM Computer Account
  • Enable Constrained Delegation for clmWebPool account
  • Adding Subject Module and SubjectAltName Module on CA
  • Configure SSL Templates
  • Configure Subject Policy Module
  • Configure SubjectAltName Policy Module

For better experience please watch it in Full screen and enable HD.

  1. Ceri Jones permalink

    Firstly thanks for the videos for FIM CM setup – these are excellent. I have a warning message when setupiing up the exit module – the string seems to OK for the exit module string seems to be correct but I get an error NT Authority/Anonymous User logon failure warning in the veent log . The CA server account is correctly configured with permissions in SQL. I noticed your demo had a similar warning – other people also seem to be reporting this error on the internet but no resolutions! Just wondering if you experienced a similar issue?


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