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Implementing FIM 2010 Certificate Management (Part 2)

February 3, 2011

This is the second installment in a four part series showing how to implement FIM 2010 Certificate Management solution. You can watch the first part of this series by going to the “Implementing FIM 2010 Certificate Management (Part 1)”. If you wonder what is the final result of this specific implementation then please watch demonstration showing how to do manual certificate enrollment via FIM 2010 CM.

Todays demonstration covers the following tasks:

  • Performing Initial Configuration via FIM 2010 CM Configuration Wizard
  • Designating pre-enrolled Agent Certificates in the FIM 2010 CM web.config file
  • Disable Kernel mode Authentication in IIS
  • Create Accounts for Issuing CA in FIM 2010 CM SQL database
  • Open Firewall on the FIM 2010 CM for SQL Communication

For better user experience please watch this in Full screen and in HD.

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