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Deploying Applications in Microsoft Azure with Security in mind

August 15, 2016

It’s been a while since I blogged here. Perhaps writers block or something. Not like I was not busy over the last 18 or so months since my last post. I have been busy doing different type of work related to security of Microsoft platform, most of it related to the on-premises implementations, not whole lot of Cloud based solutions. This is starting to change and recently I’m getting more involvement with doing bit of security related work with Microsoft Cloud, ie Azure.

Azure adoption is going like crazy. Customers starting to implement their new apps in Azure IaaS or move their existing apps from on-premises to Azure IaaS. Many security conscious customers starting to ask on how to deploy this in the right way, using Azure provided security controls and shift their management strategies from how it was done in on-premises environments, where a lot of things are done via brick & mortar, to pretty much software only environment.

If you done any work in Azure and think about security, then you already found that there is a lot of Azure documentation available on all type of different topics, many are very detailed, some maybe not as one would wish. Azure Security team is starting to consolidate many topics under single umbrella here, which is totally awesome. There are many personal blogs from folks as well, documenting different Azure features. This is all good, having documentation available for specific technical areas.

But there is something missing. It the framework that would take a comprehensive look at all the different areas in Azure and provide guidelines and recommendations on how to design security around application that is being deployed in Azure IaaS. If we could have a framework that can adopt to the constantly improving Azure security controls and have some practical guidelines on how to apply it to our own applications, then I think companies would have a better way to deploy their applications in Azure in a secure way.

I have been thinking about it, read bunch of documentation and other blogs, and came up with initial security framework that I think every application deployed in Azure IaaS should be designed against. This is of course work in progress and subject to change.


If you wonder what it is all about, in the next blog post I’ll try to get a bit more detailed about each of the main pillars in this framework. Thanks!

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