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Azure AD Application Proxy

June 24, 2014

In the last few days there were some interesting previews lighted up in Azure AD – one of them is Azure AD Application Proxy. This is very unique service which will allow you to publish your on-premises applications to external users via Cloud based SaaS reverse proxy solution. Currently it is in preview and it provides very basic functionality, but this is great concept and we’ll have to see what type of new features they will add to the service over the coming weeks and months.

To read more about it you can visit this post.

To enable Azure AD Application Proxy you’ll need to have an Azure AD Premium subscription. The great news is that you can now get a free 90 day trial of the AAD Premium. Check out this video on how to do that.

How to enable Azure AD Premium Trials


Not directly related to the AAD, another interesting preview is RemoteApps feature provided via Azure Cloud Services. I just turned on the trial for it and will need to play with it a bit over the next few weeks.

Good day!

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