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Multiple AAD with the same ADFS Service

April 21, 2014

A few month ago I discussed how to configure Azure Active Directory as Identity Provider to AD FS and access claims enabled applications. The following diagram shows that specific configuration:


What I didn’t realize at the time is that it is not possible to configure multiple AAD Tenants as Identity Providers with the same AD FS service. The reason it is not possible to configure multiple AAD Tenants is because all of them are using the same Azure AD Signing Certificate. AD FS does not allow different IDPs that use the same signing certificate. Basically, you can have only one AAD Tenant in direct trust relationship with the same AD FS Service, like shown in the following diagram:


Fortunately, there is a fairly easy way to get around this with the current capabilities of Access Control Services (ACS). ACS does not have this certificate limitation and each ACS instance has its own signing certificate. So if you need to configure multiple AAD Tenants as IDP with the same AD FS Service you will need to configure separate instance of ACS for each of your AAD Tenants, configure them with trusts, then configure each ACS as IDP with your AD FS Service. The following diagram illustrates this workaround:


One Comment
  1. This is great but can the ACS be leverage by Office 365 customers who have multiple forest in separate Office 365 tenants and want to use only one-premises ADFS infrastructure to provide SSO?


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