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Microsoft Forefront UAG Mobile Configuration Starter

March 5, 2013

Once in a while I get a request from the Packt Publishing to review one of their new publications. Recently they published a new book Microsoft Forefront UAG Mobile Configuration Starter and asked me to take a look  and see what I think. The title of the book has one important word – Starter, and I think that this  book is a great starter for anyone who is not very familiar with UAG and wishes to use it as application publishing solution to clients with mobile devices. The book  provides detailed steps by step instructions on how to configure UAG to publish SharePoint site and Exchange ActiveSync to mobile user population and provide some basic steps on configuration of Windows Phone 7.5 to access SharePoint and use built in Office apps.  Probably the most interesting parts of the book are closer to the end when it starts to cover common application publishing scenarios, security and customization, but since this is a Configuration Starter, it only covers these areas at very high level and the majority of the book is devoted to the step by step instructions with a lot of screen shots, which are very useful if you are not familiar with the product.  

So overall, if you have a requirement to publish applications to mobile devices and would like to use Microsoft UAG 2010 as reverse publishing solution then you will find this book very useful with initial implementation and evaluation of the product and it has a good number of references to other resources to get additional and more advanced information.

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