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New UAG Book – Mastering Microsoft Forefront UAG 2010 Customization

March 27, 2012

My last few posts were dedicated to customization of the look and feel of the UAG 2010 Logon/Logoff and Portal experience. I had to figure out a lot of it on my own without any type of documentation. Well, there is a good news, PACKT Publishing just released a new book on how to customize UAG implementation. It is written by the same folks who wrote a must have book on UAG Administration, and published from the same publisher. If you are doing any work with UAG 2010 then both of these books should be in your library!

I just had a chance to read through the new book. It covers a lot of different topics and shows how to customize UAG installation, and at the same time keep it in supported condition.

You can check it out at the publisher web site

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  1. Luccio permalink

    Everything that is not microsoft is out of this blog… Funny


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