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Secure Application Access with ADFS and UAG – UAG providing FBA

February 15, 2011

More and more companies wish to provide secure access to their applications from external locations. At the same time, many of these applications starting to adopt new authentication technologies, for example, like Claims based authentication. The following demonstration shows how companies can use Forefront UAG 2010 and AD FS 2.0 to provide secure access to different types of internal applications, all published via single unified portal and providing Single Sign-On experience to their users.

The solution in this demonstration shows UAG implemented to use FBA as main authentication mechanism and it ability to access Claims based applications.

This solution created to satisfy the following requirements for our fictitious Woodgrove Bank corporation:

  • Woodgrove Bank must provide secure access to documents on its Extranet SharePoint site to remote employees. It also wants to provide access to other internal resources.
  • SharePoint site was designed to accept Claims based authentication.
  • Other resources require standard UserID/password combination.
  • Woodgrove Bank employees should have SSO experience when accessing documents on Woodgrove Bank Extranet SharePoint site and other resources.
  • Limit access to client computers that do not meet the company policy.

For best viewing experience please watch it in Full screen with High Definition ON. Let me know if you have any questions.

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